About Us

About Us

GreenFivi Ltd (GFV) is a company registered in Finland, providing tailored-service packages including recruitments, training, relocation, integration, and projects development consulting.

Our focus countries are Finland and Vietnam. 

Our partners are various industrial companies, services providers, municipal authorities, associate organisations, relevant sector trade unions, and educational institutions.

GreenFiVi means:

Ø Quality

Ø Cost efficiency

Ø Quick response

Vision, Mission and Values

GreenFiVi’s vision is Green Finland and Vietnam.

GreenFivi’s mission is to optimise efficiency of our customers by being their strategic partner, and to commit to respecting environmental, human resource and other governmental laws and regulations.

 GreenFivi’s values are:

Ø Customer focus

ØWorkers care

Ø Result orientation

Ø Transparency

Ø Environment safeguard